Hiking and Trekking:

You can mark hiking routes, provide guidance or organize nature walks.

Cycling and Mountain Biking:

You can provide bike rental service. You can also organize special trails or tours for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Water sports:

You can organize activities such as swimming, diving, rowing, canoe/kayak for your guests who want to do water sports.

Camping and Picnic:

You can offer your guests the opportunity to camp and have a picnic in its natural environment. You can provide camping equipment and picnic basket rental service.


You can provide fishing opportunities for your guests who love to fish. 

Yoga and Meditation:

You can organize activities such as yoga and meditation in the peace and quiet environment offered by the natural environment.


The natural beauties of your hotel, the historical watermill and the surrounding tourist attractions can be perfect shooting areas for your guests who are interested in nature photography.

Horse Riding:

You can offer horseback riding to your guests who want to explore the sights in the immediate vicinity of your hotel from horseback.

In addition to these activities, you can organize local activities such as handicrafts with natural materials and the production of natural products.

Sea, Bays and Places to Visit:
• It is impossible to stop by Fethiye and leave without going on a "Blue Voyage". You can enjoy a fairy-tale journey by sailing with us on various routes from the bays of Fethiye. Boats going to 12 Islands spend an hour each at Aquarium Bay, Katrancı Island, Yassıca Island, Kızılada and Göcek Island. You can also visit addresses such as Blue Cave, Aquarium Bay, Butterfly Valley, Saint Nicholas Island, Deve Beach and Soguksu Bay by boats departing for Butterfly Valley.

• The pleasure of paragliding from Babadağ is completely different. You will look at Fethiye from a wide perspective from Ölüdeniz to Dalaman beaches. Those who will experience this bird's-eye view delight for the first time should not worry. You will have the opportunity to learn from experts. When you leave yourself to the wind with paragliding, you will continue your life with the dream of an experience that you can't wait to live again.

• If you are interested in nature walks, the Lycian Way trekking routes starting from our hotel are just for you. On this journey where you will be satisfied with the view of Ölüdeniz, you will be immersed in the relaxing ambiance of the sea air. Also, when you pass by Butterfly Valley, you can make friends with many butterflies, including endemic species. When you arrive in Faralya, you will be able to sleep and rest in the arms of peace at Değirmen Hotel.

• We also offer options for our guests who are interested in water sports to do windsurfing, canoeing, rafting and diving. You can dive in Kızılada Lighthouse, Afkule, Cold Cave, Amphora and Aquarium Bay, and have an indescribable experience full of adrenaline with rafting and canoeing on Eşen Stream.